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The Bits and Bytes Repository
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One foot in the past, one foot in the future
*** Enjoying the present ***
March 2020 ( AND FINAL ) Edition.

Below are links to PDF's containing issues of Bits-and-Bytes
produced by none other than Adrian Turner, so enjoy !

The March of Time continues and below is the 50th
(and Final) issue of Bits and Bytes.

The site and it's email button will continue to be
receptive to any anecdotes, stories or news of Pensioners

Please continue to use the site and it will remain as it is:-
A "REPOSITORY" of all of the issues of Bits and Bytes Adrian
Turner has produced in twenty five years of dedicated work.

Below are the known meetings of Pensioners groups in the UK

We have recieved news from Don Dempsey of the
LIVERPOOL pensioners meeting dates:-
Second Wednesday of the Month at around 12pm at
Blackler's Weatherspoon in Liverpool
Feel free to go and join your mates !

The 2020 KENT RETIRED ENGINEER's proposed meetup dates are:-
4th June, August 6th and December the 3rd.
at The Moat meetup time is 12:30 onwards.


The following proposed dates are planned for 2020,
Wednesday the 15th of April and the 21st of October
At the ,
Shakespeare's Head
just down from Holborn tube, London,
from 12:00 hrs on,

The next agreed MODMOB meeting date will be:-
Published here soon

As usual will be the
The Moon on the Mall Hostelry, in Whitehall just down
from Trafalgar Square, about 12:00 hrs onwards,
so come along and say
HI !

Anyone who is retired or active and wishes to meet up with individuals
who worked anywhere on MOD contracts or in the group are welcome.
Lots of people worked in CHOTS as well as in the main MOD team and all
are welcome, security clearance not required, just bring a smile.

Email to
for enquiries and one of us will get back to you, and we hope to
publish more meeting dates soon.

Please read the latest Bit and Bytes below and if you think there is anything
you wish to send to Adrian, either a small or large contribution for inclusion
in the publication I am sure Adrian ( and all the other Pensioners ) will thank you.

Due to Fujitsu ceasing to help with the printing & distribution of copies, most people now only see Bits&Bytes via the internet.
Those of us who spend time to contribute would find it useful to know how many people read it. Is it worth the effort?
Could you help me judge whether its worth continuing to produce Bits&Bytes by sending an email to
Or click the email button here

with the Subject word "yes" without the quotes if you would like me to continue.
Optionally add some text to give us a clue who you are.
Your email address will not be passed on in any way, Adrian, Editor, Bits&Bytes

Obituary information :-

Obituary information is important. Feel free to update Adrian with any news and it will be published.
Until then the webmaster will publish any details supplied here on a monthly
before inclusion in the next 6 monthly edition of B'n'B.

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